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Dirty Pretty Things and solo album

Dirty Pretty Things were an English band fronted by Carl Barât, a member of The Libertines. Didz Hammond announced he was leaving the Cooper Temple Clause to join the band alongside Libertines drummer Gary Powell and guitarist Anthony Rossomando, who had filled in for Doherty following his departure from The Libertines. They played their first shows in October 2005 in Italy and Paris, France. They announced their split on 1 October 2008 and played their final shows during November.

Dirty Pretty Things recorded two albums, Waterloo To Anywhere (2006) and Romance At Short Notice ( 2008).

Carl Barât released his first self-titled solo album on October 2010. In an interview Barât described the album as “the first album I’ve done that is kind of introspective rather than escapist.” In the same interview, he also talked about “stepping away from big loud guitars” as the album is stylistically more diverse and less rock-oriented than previous work.